D E S I G N  W O R K

Magazine Mockup

These are mock up story pitches to different existing magazines. Young Punk UK was a story pitch to CLASH Magazine, Oriental Clash is a fashion trends story pitched to i-D Magazine. Daydreaming of the form is an artist profile pitch to Kinfolk Magazine and Lizard Peninsula is a story pitch to National Geographic Magazine. All photographs and words were shot and written by me.  

Alpas Lving

A social design label that promotes living an adventurous, creative & free life, in support of mental health awareness. I designed sticker packs, a tote bag and a shirt for the brand. Everything tied back to mother nature, exploration and mindfulness. Making sure the designs were not only beautiful but connecting with our audiences.


Previously known as There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Reverie is a fictional narrative following 5 friends through their journey to womanhood. Together with coming up with the concept and photographing the series, I created printed zines and postcards to go along with a solo exhibition that I held in Falmouth, UK.

Threads is a book that talks about my childhood and growing up in Singapore. I self-binded the book and threaded the photographs, the thread representing the ties I have with my family, culture and heritage.



Imain, faith, is a documentary series that documents Muslim women and their relationship with their faith. I sat down with them to ask them questions, mainly of how they rediscovered and strengthened their faith, and this is the final output.

N Ò T was weaved together by me, first starting as a hobby, and eventually wanting to share with others what I create. Passionate about beautiful interiors and accessories, our aim is to allow you to express yourself through our beautiful handmade pieces. 


A Girl Away From Home

A Girl Away From Home was formed and curated  by myself, showcasing art by asian female creatives. The project then evolved into producing the first book, featuring a collective of female creatives with a specific theme and narrative – celebrating photography, illustration, graphics, poetry and stories. 



Photographic Exhibition Collaterals

Everything Went Quiet

Book Cover Design

Yosemite Illustration Design

Samuel Goh Photography
Collaboration Rate Cards

Samuel Goh Photography
Collaboration Rate Cards

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