There are about 230,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore today. Elena Valero is just one of them. The series documents her everyday life as a foreign domestic helper in Singapore.


I am Elena Valero. I am 47 years old. I've been working in Singapore since 2006. I decided to work here as a domestic worker because I want to help my family back home in the Philippines. To lessen the burden, poverty and to give my children a better education, so that they will have a better future towards life.


My daily routine. First I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, prepare hot water and cook breakfast for the employer. Washing the cars, tidy up the home, do some laundry, washing plates, cups etc. Afternoon, I'll clean all the toilets, tidy the home, mop the floor, preparing and serving dinner to the employer, tidy up the dishes and clean the kitchen.' - Elena Valero, when asked to walk through her daily routine as a foreign domestic worker. Singapore, 2018.


Elena does not carry photos of her family but does keep in contact with them regularly on her mobile phone

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'I don't have any idea how I can help or suggest to change the rights of the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) rights here in Singapore. But I just want to ask the employer to give the rights of the FDW off-day and the exact amount of the pay that's written in the contract and what is given by the paid law.' - Elena Valero when asked about the Foreign Domestic Worker's rights in Singapore, 2018.

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