To Sit Near

(work in progress)

The word Upanishad comes from a Sanskrit compound that means ''to sit near”, “sitting near devotedly” or “secret teaching” and it reflects the early Indian practice of sitting near the feet of the reverend or guru, who passed on the oral teachings that he had received from those that came before him.


To Sit Near seeks to open up the discussion on religions, and the ways in which we interact and have these religious exchanges with the people around us, giving rise to diverse interpretations. It also aims to open up discussion on what religion/faith is to an individual, but more importantly, to discuss how we truly live in a world with varying shades of grey. How do we view faith in this current day and age, compared to before? 


The woven piece embodies the varying religions which have weaved in and out of our time, the people that have come and gone from this earth, and the teachings that have been passed down through scriptures or objects. The symbolism of pluralism and the grappling sinew we have through time as human beings. Through the perspective of materialisation, the weave opens up conversation around questions of how the dichotomies of embodied experiences and religious views can be shifted.

I also worked with sound design Artist Berukera. The track titled 'Chayamaya' was created as a response to the idea of To Sit Near. It is played while viewing the work.

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